System Memos

System Memos
Behavior Health Transport
Transport of Behavioral Health Patients
Clarification on Refusals
Clarification on refusals and medical control
Epi 1:10/Sodium Bicarb Shortage
Response to shortage of Epi 1:10,000 and Sodium Bicarb
Hospital Owned Helipad
What to do when intercepting with a helicopter at a hospital owned helipad
IV Fluid Warmer
How to handle warmed IV fluid
In-Field Upgrade Equipment
What equipment is required for in-field up grade units
Intubation Memo
A memo on intubation
Lead Instructor CE Hours
Changes to LI hours for license renewal
Lead Instructor Changes
Memo on changes for LI re-licensure
Multiple Patient Transport
How to handle multiple patient transports
Non-transport Documentation
Required documentation for non-transport units
Refusal Memo
Clarification on refusal policy
SA Destination
Facilities capabilities to treat patients who experienced a sexual assault
Trauma Alert Criteria
Trauma alert criteria information