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System Memos

System Memos
Behavior Health Transport
Transport of Behavioral Health Patients
Blood Tube Shortage
Blood Tube Shortage
Clarification on Meeting the Coroner
Clarification on Meeting the Coroner
Clarification on Refusals
Clarification on refusals and medical control
Epi 1:10/Sodium Bicarb Shortage
Response to shortage of Epi 1:10,000 and Sodium Bicarb
High Sensitivity Troponin
High Sensitivity Troponin
Hospital Owned Helipad
What to do when intercepting with a helicopter at a hospital owned helipad
IV Fluid Warmer
How to handle warmed IV fluid
In-Field Upgrade Equipment
What equipment is required for in-field up grade units
Intubation Memo
A memo on intubation
Lead Instructor CE Hours
Changes to LI hours for license renewal
Lead Instructor Changes
Memo on changes for LI re-licensure
Lorazepam Shortage
Response to shortage of Lorazepam
Multiple Patient Transport
How to handle multiple patient transports
Non-Transport/Ambulance Assist
Clarification on Ambulance Assist Vehicles
Non-transport Documentation
Required documentation for non-transport units
Refusal Memo
Clarification on refusal policy
SA Destination
Facilities capabilities to treat patients who experienced a sexual assault
Trauma Alert Criteria
Trauma alert criteria information
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