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McLean County Area EMS System: Quality Council

The System Quality Council is the system’s quality improvement coordinating group.  The Quality Council assures implementation of the quality improvement program through the oversight of the Quality Assurance Plan. The Quality Council may implement quality improvement activities for provider agencies within the system.  The Quality Council will perform case reviews as led by the Quality Assurance Coordinator to obtain a multidisciplinary approach to improvements in the quality process. The quality council may establish standing, temporary, and ad-hoc subcommittees to address issues which cross agency, jurisdictional, and/or discipline boundaries.  The Quality Council shall have the responsibility for outlining priorities, developing plans, and allocating resources to support the improvement of quality and safety within the system.  The Medical Director may appoint individuals to the Quality Council as he/she deems necessary.  The Quality Council serves in an advisory role to the EMS Medical Director.



Kris Newcomb, BSN, PHRN

EMS System Manager

D. Antonacci_HS.jpg

Dominic Antonacci, BSN, EMT

J Lewis_HS.JPG

Dr. Julie Lewis

QA/QI Coordinator

McLean County Area EMS Medical Director, OSF

S.Garrett-Hauser_HS (003).jpg

Dr. Garret-Hauser

McLean County Area EMS Medical Director, Carle

J. Mekley_HS.jpeg

Jeannie Mekley

El Paso Ambulance Service

Brenda McCalliser 3.JPG

Brenda McCallister

Mt. Hope/Funks Grove Fire Dept.

Badge Logo.png

Leann Welsh

MCAEMS Registry Instructor

N. Shaver.jpg

Nick Shaver

Matt Johann.jpg

Matt Johann

Normal Fire Dept

Bloomington Fire Dept

M. Morrison.jpg

Mike Morrison

Normal Fire Dept.

Darren Wolf_HS.JPG

Darren Wolf

R. Flegel.jpg

Rhonda Flegel

Bloomington Dispatch

MetCom Dispatch

D. Debolt.png

David Debolt

Bloomington Dispatch

Smith Michelle (002)_edited.jpg
Lori Ritter_HS.jpg

Lorri Ritter

Badge Logo.png

Jaclyn Mortimer

Minier Rescue Squad

Michelle Smith

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

Badge Logo.png

Taylor Simpson

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

Carle BroMenn Medical Center


Amy Garrett

Carle BroMenn Medical Center

Badge Logo.png

Alicia Mayfield

Wapella Rescue Squad

M. Kitterman_HS (002).png

Mackenzie Kitterman

Carle BroMenn Medical Center

Badge Logo.png

Alysha Orrick

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

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