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Mandatory Event Report

The following must be reported within 24 hours of the event to the Mclean County Area EMS office using the online form below:

  • Pre-hospital Delivery - any fetal delivery at 20 weeks or greater gestation occurring outside of a medical facility (hospital, community birthing center, etc.)

  • Pre-Hospital Return of Spontaneous Circulation - a return of circulation lasting 30 seconds or greater in a patient experiencing a cardiac arrest

  • Pediatric Cardiac Arrest - a patient between the ages of  0-18 experiencing a cardiac arrest

  • Drug Assisted Intubationutilization of the drug assisted intubation protocol

  • Chemical Restraint - administration of Ketamine as a chemical restraint

  • Tranexamic Acid Administration - administration of tranexamic acid for bleeding control/trauma 

  • Healthcare Facility Refusal - a patient refusal completed following transfer of care from a licensed medical care provider (MD, DO, PA, APN) to emergency medical services personnel in an outpatient setting (e.g. primary care office, urgent care center, specialty care office, outpatient surgery center, nursing home, or assisted living facility) 

  • Adenosine Administration - administration of Adenosine for treatment of supraventricular tachycardia or monomorphic wide-complex tachycardia

Event Being Reported

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