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Current Resource Hospital: Advocate BroMenn Medical Center

Class Announcement

Dates:                                       September 2nd – October 19th, 2019


Location:                                 McLean County Area EMS Office/Online


Class Hours:                    

In Person Sessions                     All in person sessions are done at the MCAEMS Office 

  • 9/14/2019                             0800-1200 (Skills)

  • 9/18/2019                             1800-2200  CPR Class unless you  have Healthcare Provider CPR Card

  • 9/28/2019                             0800-1200 (Skills)

  • 10/12/2019                           0800-1200 (Skills)

  • 10/19/2019                           0800-1000 (Final Test)


Course Length:                   Total 66 hours


Cost:                                         System Members*:                     $200 (Textbook Separate)

                                                    Non-System Members:              $275 (Textbook Separate)

                                                    If CPR is needed additional:      $25

                                                    *Checks made payable to McLean County Area EMS. CPR can be paid the night of class. 


Book:                                       Emergency Medical Responder: First on Scene, 11th Edition with MyLab Brady Access Card.

                                                    It can be either the paper version or eText, but you must have MyLab Brady access card. 


Prerequisites:                       Age 18 or older

                                                    Current Illinois Drivers License or State ID

                                                    Cannot have a felony

Enrollment Capacity:      8 minimum/25 maximum 

Enrollment Deadline:        August 23rd, 2019 (Payment due by August 30th, 2019)


Contact:                                  Travis Wilson                                 



*Note a prospective student who is on a System Member Agency can receive the System Member Pricing


How It Works

This class will be mostly done online at your pace. This class is created to make it easy for people to obtain a State of Illinois Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) License. In order to be successful for this class you will need a computer with internet, self motivation and discipline. There will at least four in person class sessions (and a CPR class if needed). These in person sessions are designed to get students the necessary hands on experience it takes to be a EMR. 

Steps to Enroll

1. Review class announcement above 

2. Fill out application below

3. Ensure Payment is submitted (Acceptance is not complete until payment is received)

4. Once all documents are received and approved, you will receive a email with acceptance into the program

5. You will also receive an email with instructions and additional information on the class


You are required to have a Healthcare Level CPR card before the completion of class. We will be offering a CPR class on 9/18 from 6pm-10pm at our office. The class will cost $25 for the CPR card. If you are unable to attend this class, you must find another class to obtain a Healthcare Level CPR card. Proof of completion will be needed prior to final test date. If you already have a healthcare level CPR card, please provide a copy of the card to our office. You will not be required to re-take the class.



Please fill out all information below. Once your application, copy of driver's license and payment is received, you will receive a letter of acceptance into the program. 

Fall 2019 Hybrid EMR Application 
Are you currently on an Agency
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
Have you previously been licensed as an EMR, EMT or Paramedic?
Upload File
Max File Size 15MB
Upload File
Max File Size 15MB

By signing below I certify that all information provided by me in conjunction with my application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.  I understand and agree that any material misstatement or omission may constitute grounds for: denial of admittance, summary dismissal from the program, and other disciplinary action by the Mclean County Area EMS System


Authorization and Release

Please read carefully before signing.


I understand and acknowledge that, as an applicant for acceptance into the McLean County Area EMS System First Responder Course it is my responsibility to provide sufficient information upon which a proper evaluation can be undertaken of my current licensure, relevant training and/or experience, current competence, health status, character, ethics and any other criteria adopted by the McLean County Area EMS System.


I hereby authorize all individuals, institutions and entities, including but not limited to previous employers, EMS training programs, administrators, EMS medical directors, and EMS coordinators with which I have been associated, government agencies and all professional liability insurers with which I have had or currently have professional liability insurance (including but not limited to claims history/loss run information), etc.,  who have knowledge concerning information requested in my application, to consult with and release relevant information to the EMS medical director, EMS administrative director, and EMS Director of the McLean County Area EMS System.  Such information shall be privileged to the fullest extent permitted by law and the privilege shall extend to the EMS medical director, EMS administrative director, and EMS Director of the McLean County Area EMS System and their authorized representatives.


I hereby fully, absolutely and unconditionally release from liability the McLean County Area EMS System, its staff, its agents, and all other individuals, institutions and entities providing information in accordance with the authorizations contained herein for all their acts performed in good faith and without malice in connection with the investigation of my application and the release and of information authorized above.  Such acts include but are not limited to the acts of preparing or completing any verification, evaluations, recommendations, information requests or forms that are provided by myself, or the McLean County Area EMS System.  This release shall be in addition to any other applicable immunity provided by law for peer review activities.


I further acknowledge that I have read and understand the foregoing Authorization and Release.


A photocopy of this Authorization and Release shall be as effective as the original.

Payment Information​​

All payments must be made prior to beginning of class. There will be no refunds for the class after 9/2/2019. If you wish to withdraw your application prior to class beginning, you must contact our office to make a formal request for removal. Refunds will only be given if you withdraw from the course prior to 9/2/2019. Your application is not considered complete until payment is received. Please make checks out to: McLean County Area EMS System

A "thanks for submitting" in green will appear after clicking submit if submission was successful

Registration is Closed